Home of the no lock in commission, the price of you home goes down so does our commission will go down.

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About Us

Top Rated Fair Lawn Realtor New Jersey - Coviello Realty
Coviello Realty, LLC provides effective professional service to our buying and selling clients. Our strategies and initiatives have helped clients survive and thrive even in turbulent financial times. The members of the Firm have perfected the the buying/selling experience.
Coviello Realty, LLC uses an unusual dose of old –fashioned common sense and business decency. We treat every client as a valued friend and we work very hard to make every friend’s Real Estate transaction a pleasant and profitable experience.
Our No Lock In Commission: if the price of your home goes down so does our commission. Choose the commission rate that you’re comfortable with.
Our No Nonsense Guarantee: We guarantee that you will be happy with our services or you’re out of the agreement, no ifs ands or buts about it!